McLemore Farms

Super-Fast Internet Coming Soon

Athena Broadband is proud to provide high-speed Internet for residents of McLemore Farms in Franklin, TN.


Installation of the system will begin in April 2017 and is expected to be operational in July or August of 2017.


Athena will begin installing the fiber to the outside of your home sometime in April and we will return to complete the indoor portion of the installation at a later date.


Prior to installing the fiber outside of your home, we will need to meet with you to review the installation plans. If you know of any irrigation systems, underground dog fences, or other similar items then we ask that you help point those out during our meeting.


In order to use the service wirelessly within your home, you will need a wireless router.  You will need a "Gigabit AC" router in order to achieve full speed.  Here is a sample search: Amazon - "Gigabit AC".  

If placed near the center of the home,  a typical "Gigabit AC" router  will provide adequate coverage for around 3000 square feet. This number can vary greatly depending on the router, layout of the home, building materials, obstructions, and other factors.  We recommend reading online reviews to see what others have experienced with particular routers. 


In order to achieve the best performance throughout your home , we recommend a mesh wi-fi system rather than a router. Eero As you get further away from a wireless router, your speeds can decrease. Having multiple wireless access points working together in a mesh system will allow you to maintain faster speeds throughout the home.

We have used the Ubiquiti Amplifi system and have been happy with the results.  You can purchase these or similar products at your favorite retailer.  Here is a quick search on Amazon for "Mesh WiFi".  

Here is a link that offers reviews of several different options.

PC Magazine - "Mesh Reviews"


If you purchase a router or mesh system prior to us installing your Internet then we will be happy to help you set it up free of charge when we Install your Internet. If you decide you would rather us provide a system then we can do so for a one time charge of $49 and $10 per month.  You can let us know when you sign up or any time prior to your installation. 


We are here to help if you have any questions.  Our normal office hours are 8 AM - 7 PM Monday - Friday and 10 AM - 2 PM on Saturday.  We have tech support available 24/7 if you have any issues once we get you installed. You can reach us at 931-680-4668 or email

The monthly Internet service is included in your HOA dues and installation is free as long as you sign up prior to 6/1/17. Anyone signing up after that time will incur a $300 installation fee. 

In order to start the process of installing you Internet service, we need to get some basic information. We will then schedule a time to come to your home and review your installation. Please click the "Sign Up Now" box below to get started.    

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